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Pianos and pool tables are some of most cumbersome items to move. You will almost always need the service of a competent and experienced professional movers to move a piano or pool table to a new location. It does not matter whether you are moving them for short distance or long distances. They are just tricky items when it comes to relocating.

At AmberVan we understand that pianos and pool tables are fragile and heavy items. There is also a great deal of sentimental value attached to pianos and pool tables. This means that the last thing you want is to damage a piano or pool table during removal. AmberVan is a relocating company based in Bristol. We offer piano and pool table removal services across the United Kingdom. AmberVan has been moving pianos and pool tables since 2010 thanks to our trained and professional team of movers. It takes a great deal of effort and expertise to move a piano or a pool table.

Challenges of Moving Pianos and Pool Tables

The weight and size of pianos and pool tables makes it difficult to lift and move them freely within an enclosed space such as a house or a room. It is also not practical to fit in a big piano or a pool table in a relocating van. Pianos and pool tables will also not fit through doors and stairways. These challenges require that we carefully dismantle the piano or pool table so that we can move them in parts. Ideally, the major challenges of moving pianos and pool tables include:

  • Possibilities of damage following poor handling due to their delicate nature (they are mostly wooden)
  • Pool tables and pianos are usually large and heavy
  • There is great sentimental value attached to pianos and pool tables and thus they must be handled with great care
  • They are too large to fit in narrow space such as doors, stairways and the movers van
  • Dismantling pool tables and pianos requires some technical expertise

Why Choose AmberVan for Piano and Pool Table Removals

At AmberVan we have highly trained and experienced piano and pool table movers. We ensure that our movers have extensive training and experience as well as Heavy Moving Accreditation. This way, we ensure that no damage can take place in the course of maneuvering the tricky aspects of moving pianos and pool tables. We also apply a full range of equipment to ensure the successful removal of pianos and pool tables. The following are some of the reasons why you need to choose Ambervan for piano and pool table removals:

  • We are experienced in moving all types of pianos such as the vertical, electrical, grand, or digital piano
  • We make use of a full range of tool, methods, and technologies to move and load pianos and pool tables into trucks
  • Our movers are skilled in dismantling pianos and pool tables to facilitate their removal
  • We have experienced and highly trained professional moves who ensure the safety of your piano and pool table by taking all the necessary safety measures

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